cholestasis? ease my mind please.

Anyone had this or have heard of someone else havin it? 
I'm inching everywhere, but it's not extreme. I've been playing it off as dry skin, but I'm very much moisturized (not to mention im a skin care expert). 
I notice myself scratching in different places throughout the day.. legs, arms, tummy (given), butt, head, hands, etc. 
it's never in or on my palms, and the bottoms of my feet during bed time tend to inch a bit. 
I'm showing no signs of a rash or irritated areas. 
I've also been less hungry but associated that with my third trimester. 
I don't remember having these issues with my first child. 
I will be seeing my OB/GYN on Friday, but I'm still looking for peace of mind. 
Any info will help yay you know of! Thank you!