Severely depressed.

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At this point, im just gonna have to face what's about to come, just left the hospital, and seriously I have tried everything in the book, from sex, walking, EPO, castor oil, everything u can think of ive done, and to only find out i havent made any freakin progress, here i am wishing I should of just schedule for the induction this week, but now I gotta call my doctor tomorrow to see if I can even schedule an induction at all for this weekend or atleast next week, I don't want to wait and end up having my son after the 20th of January..... I did not plan for this and I feel like of course towards the end, nothing is following the birth plan i want, like yes I want a vbac but at this point, I just want to have my son!! That's all. And to know I've tried everything for weeks and nothing is happening, is like a slap in the face. Ugh! I'm so depressed right now i ended up leaving the hospital crying, at this point idk what to do anymore.... it's whatever. I was hoping this was it, but of course the disappointment it wasn't ended up getting sent home AGAIN!