35 weeks baby was born

January 07,2017 6:10 am my water broke by 7:30am I was at the hospital. I was 35 weeks exactly with my water breaking. So I got a room and they checked if I was dialating which I wasn't. For two days they waited to see what would happen and for two days I was -3 percent dialating. So January 8 at around 11 o'clock they decided to give me pitocin to help me dialate and start contacting. So 4 hours go by and I still didn't dilate and was having contractions 1-3 mins apart and it was painful. So each time I was dilating baby heart would drop a little bit. So they stopped the pitocin and gave baby a break which when it stopped he got better so they were expecting me to have vaginal birth within the next couple hours. So they decided to start the pitocin again around 6 am. Than by the next hour I was contracting 1 minute apart. So the doctor checked my cervix and I had only dilated to 1. So right away she decided that I should have a c section. They prepared me with a epidural. Honestly it doesn't hurt at all and it is like a regular shot. So I go into surgery i feel like I can feel everything. I was tugging and the weirdest experience I've ever had. I was able to experience my baby being taken out and right when he was out I passed out. So I got stitched up and probably 30 mins later I woke up Wondering where my baby was. He was admitted to nicu and I was sent off to my room. Than once I was off of my drugs I was able to go look at my baby and I couldn't stop crying. He is so beautiful and so little 5pounds 5ounces and sooo cute. I went through everything I was scared to death by but it happened and we're fine and going to be good and blessed with God watching over us. His birthday is January 09,17.