TTC After Miscarriage

When my husband and I started TTC he was excited but extremely nervous, especially since we conceived our first month trying (not complaining but it was a shock). Fast forward to now and I miscarried at ~6 weeks. We are wanting to try again after we get all the okays from the obgyn but I don't know if I want to TTC anytime soon while he wants to ASAP. I don't know what I'd do if I miscarried again. 
I guess I'm not really asking for advice because he and I communicate our decisions but I feel ungrateful because he is more excited for a baby now than ever (like the loss made him realize how much he truly wanted it) and I'm like completely turned off to trying again. Basically, I was 100% ready and he was 75% ready and after the loss I'm 50% ready and he's 100%.
Anyone experience this? How did you get on the same page?