Breastfeeding help pleeeeeease mummas

Hello! Please help. 
My lg is one week old today. She's cluster feeding (breast) so about every hour or so for sometimes 40 mins at a time... I'm finding this challenging, but keen to feed on demand. The only issue I'm having is that she just doesn't settle back to the sleep in the night unless I'm holding her. I've tried rocking the crib, winding, swaddling, growbag, warmer room, cooler room, putting her down straight away, putting her down once she looks zonked, obviously always making sure she has a clean bum.
I know babies like cuddles and I would NEVER let her self sooth yet, but would anyone recommend I try a pacifier ? Even though breastfeeding has only been established for 1 week?  I need Some sleep to have the energy to feed so Frequently 
Ps. This is my little Indi Ayana