what is happening to me !!

I don't know what is happening to me, lately I don't feel anything to my bf, like I don't feel that I am horny on him and I don't feel that something is missed when we don't have sex!! And when we do have sex, I still don't feel anything! I don't enjoy it or feel good after it. Even when we cuddle, kiss or hug each other I totally feel nothing. 
Me and my bf are almost 2.5 years together and through all this time my bf didn't put any kind of effort in this relationship, like he never made anything to make me feel special, never treated me like a princess, never surprised me or bought me a gift, (I have only two things from him which he gave me on my birthday). He claims that he never does anything because he doesn't have money (he can't work because he had a surgery last year, so he cant work until the doctors say that he can), like on my last bday before two months he didn't do anything to make me happy, he didn't even ask me to meet him or to come over, and I was in the house all the day !! Like he can bake me a cake or write me a letter or even get me one flower from the garden just to show that he cares and wanna see me happy or make me feel special and loved, and he doesn't need a lot of money in order to do that, all what he needs is to put some effort. On the other hand I do treat him like a king, I surprise him almost every month or two, I always buy him or cook for him his best food, and when he needs money I give him, even when it's about the last dollar I have. Is it possible that all of what I said is the reason why I don't feel anything towards him lately?? Am I stopping to love him??
Update: girls I'm so into communication and when I talk to him about stuff like that he doesn't understand me and gets angry and he claims that those things are stupid and that I act and think shallowly and care so much about affection which is a stupid thing in his eyes, it is hard to communicate with him without fighting, he is not a good listener neither understanding.