Baby time!

So I went to my normal checkup yesterday and had extremely high blood pressure. All tests came back fine, just my stubborn blood pressure that wouldn't go down. So they started to induce my labor! Pretty crazy since I was not expecting it AT ALL. Still thought I had a couple weeks left (due date Jan 24) since my body had no signs of labor and maybe only 2 small episodes of braxton hicks. Turns out I have been having contractions and didn't even realize it! So now im just laying in my hospital bed watching my bf sleep like an angel :) I am extremely nervous but very excited to meet my baby boy soon!!! Just pray that everything goes smoothly and safely. It's honestly surreal to me right now since I didn't have much time to mentally prepare myself for delivery so soon. So to the other mama's who are in the same boat, you got this girl! I know exactly how you are feeling and am right there with ya! Good luck to all the mama's out there!!