Pregnancy I do truly believe is supposed to be a beautiful thing. But in my case it's the farthest form that. My pregnancy was planned with my fiancé. Ever since I got pregnant it's been a living nightmare. Emotionally, physically, and mentally!  My fiancé became this awful liar. Started drinking, coming and going as he pleases. King of manipulation. Turns everything on me. That I'm the one who needs help. When yet let's see he's a recovering addict from heroin that now substitutes with drink. Doesn't have custody of his daughter his parents do cause him and his ex were drug addicts. Was just arrested in February 2016 for drug charges. I'm sure you think talking about someone young as I am 26. Nope he's 38!!!!! Acts about 16 if you even want to give him that. HE HAS RUINED MY PREGNANCY. So woman if you're with a man who is mentally and verbally abusive RUN!!!!! He's caused me to have such bad anxiety and panic attacks that I don't even leave my house. It is now 8:30 AM where I am. I woke up at 3:00 AM with an attack. Dozed off woke up at 5:30 AM with an attack. Men can be cruel human beings. And unfortunately I've been with one. I've given him so many chances more than I can even count all to be disappointed daily. Lies, cheated, ditches me. You name it I'm sure he's done it. Ladies don't ever settle for less than what you deserve. As I plan to move forward in my life and with this pregnancy ALONE after finding out he was getting a happy ending at a massage parlor, he has finally done ONE good thing for me. He's shown me my worth. FINALLY