birth control?!

So here's my story...
I had my first son at 20yrs then had my daughter at 22yrs, I was convinced that I did not want any more children & fought my OB for 3yrs to have my tubes tied to which she agreed and preformed the surgery at 25yrs. Fast forward to age 38 and I met my husband and decided that a baby would be such a blessing but it wasn't  going to be an easy feat....we sought the help of a fertility dr did testing & counselling to which we decided to reverse my tubes and try for a baby :) the surgery (almost 10k) was done July 2015 (39yrs) we actively started ttc in October 2015, we were married February 27, 2016 & pregnant by March 13, 2016 👏🏻.   Pregnancy went well until I went into labour at 31w 2d and delivered a sweet baby boy 9weeks early no complications just a 5week stay in the NICU to feed & grow.  He is 13weeks old now, I'm breast feeding & on the pill but at my age the pill is not recommended and I do not want to have the surgery to tie them again. I asked my husband last night about him getting a vesectomy & he said "hell NO!!" & I said well we need to do something or we're going to have more babies as I can't stay on the pill forever...his response "that's ok, you can stay bare foot & pregnant, besides I'd still like to have a girl"...I thought we were only going to have one and one only now he seems to want a team....what do I do?