Any ladies due June 30th??

Cheyenne • Hey! Well my soon-to-be-husband are trying to conceive! First timers:)
I was actually given the 23rd first then was given the 30th shortly after!! I'm still not really showing yet but I am BBW! I'm 15w5d...and I won't find out until February 7th (19w4d) what we're having! I'm now Antsy for that since getting past the 1st trimester was a goal! This is our rainbow baby after an Ectopic and a MC last year so as long as we have a healthy baby thats all that matters...even though I'm really hoping for a girl but I think I'm having a boy! I'm just ranting on, I'm just to excited to have made it this far after several heartbreaks! Ultrasound was 7w3d! I'm currently 15w4d!