odd fetishes with new partner

So I recently started dating a new guy, who has some very odd fetishes... the thing about me is I'm not experienced at sex, my ex SO and I were really only into just very soft sex and he was the only one I've been with until we broke up and I started dating someone new. So when the person I've been dating stated he has a couple of fetishes... which includes, peeing and pooping along with some other things ive never experienced, I was a little worried. At fist he was very embarrassed to tell me, stating that if he told me I would just run away and never talk to him again, but after a while I got him to talk to me about it... which I then proceed to tell him "don't be embarrassed, if that's something you are into then that's what you're into and enjoy, i would never judge you"... but as far as sex goes I don't know if I could ever fulfill those fetishes for him... He is such a nice guy and honestly sex with him is so enjoyable but I don't know how it would be if I ventured into those fetishes for him? I don't know how I would even try any of those fetishes. Please any advice on this would be great.