Dana • Mommy to one wonderful baby girl 💖trying to conceive baby #2!
My daughter is one month old and my period hasn't started yet, I know this can be normal but my issue is this, I stopped bleeding about two weeks after I gave birth to her (I know, I got lucky somehow) and my husband and I had unprotected sex, my hips have been hurting and so has my lower back like my period is trying to come down but it hasn't, all I've had is some very light cramps and some even lighter spotting and I'm SO confused, I am ttc but at the same time I wouldn't care if I didn't get pregnant right now because I literally just had a baby, I know it seems crazy to be ttc just a little over a month after giving birth but I have fertility issues and I figured trying when I'm still pretty fertile would be my best chance at success. I keep feeling like my period may start but everyday, I get nothing. My CM is very slimy and I feel like a slug down there, I had some ovulation CM (creamy and sticky) so my husband and I BD the same day it started. I don't know when I should consider taking a pregnancy test though because I have no idea when my period should come and when to look out if I miss it 😩. This entire thing is so confusing and having PCOS doesn't make it any easier, any advice on what I should do?