baby is here! 37+1

Went to the doctor for a complication and the np checked me and said I was a 6 so I had to wait for my doctor to come (surgery day for her) as soon as she said "I can feel your water bag" it broke everywhere!!!! Thankfully the hospital is really close because the time I got to the truck my shoes were wet!!! Lol got to the hospital at 1230. Wasn't really having contractions for awhile. Then boom!!! Major pain. So did my best to breathe through them and decided to get an epidural... they let me rest for a couple mins after before checking me. And when she did the nurse said. "I need you to take some slow deep breaths cause it's baby time"!! So she runs out of my room to get my doctor. Within 3 pushes my son was born. He is tiny. Had a little issue keeping his body temp up but got to stay with me the whole time. He was 5 lbs 1 oz. 19 inches long. Born at 314Come out and was breathing at 4 seconds. Then peed all over my doctor! He has some acid reflux and gas but is doing so good!! So in love!!! He is an amazing breastfeeder too :)