FTM birth story, super longggg

I used to love reading birth stories on here so I thought I'd share mine with you lovely mums and mums to be.
My original due date was 12/01/17 but was due to be induced on 11/01/17 due to bleeding earlier on in the pregnancy.
It all started at 2am on the Monday morning, contractions started between 12 minutes apart and was 9 minutes apart all day. My boyfriend went off to work like usual at 6:40am leaving me to sleep in bed. I slept through from 6am till 10:30am without waking up from any pain. I assumed they were false labour contractions to get my hopes up.
Turns out I was partially right and they stopped for an hour and came back for 2 then stopped.
Usual night on the Monday, no more pains after 8pm and had the best nights sleep I've ever had these past 9 months😂
Then it hits me. 4:49am Tuesday morning I woke up to a severe stabbing pain in my lower abdomen that took my breath away. Felt more like a serious stitch. Went to the toilet and went back to sleep. Then it happens again at 5:38am just as my boyfriend is getting up for work.
Then it hits me, 6:02 and they are coming consistently every 9 minutes.
It was the worst pain I have ever experienced, it's like someone was tearing out my insides. Every time they came, I threw up.
6:35am: I go to the toilet again and there was bright red blood, so I suffered a few more contractions that all of a sudden went to 4 minutes apart and were lasting anything between 70-90 seconds.
Thought this is the real deal, so I phoned my midwife team at 7:10am and they instructed me to come in to get checked. Because of the pain, it took me so long to stand up and get on a pair of shoes and get into the car. In the car for 7:55am and got to the hospital at 8:07am, thankfully it's only up the road.
Got put into a triage room to wait until they came to examine me. They hooked me up to a monitor to see my little girl's heartbeat and how often the contractions were coming. Finally got someone in to examine me at 8:55am.
Best thing I've ever heard, I am 10cm dilated and 100% effaced. 
No fucking way. No medication, no drugs, only my boyfriend to coach me through breathing with each contraction. 
3 hours and I was ready to push, so they rushed me off to the labour and delivery suite before I had the baby right there.
Got down to labour and delivery and got some gas and air. It was like god sent me the best pain killer imaginable. However it didn't last long as I was told to start bearing down to push at each contraction, I had to stop breathing the gas in and focus everything I had in getting our little girl out into the world.
After so much coaching from both my amazing boyfriend and the midwife, I pushed for a total of an hour and a half.
Our little girl arrived on Tuesday 10th January at 10:53am, a wee chubby 7lb 10oz.
We were so lucky though as her cord was wrapped around her neck twice and came out blue. My midwife was amazing and fixed it in plenty of time for our little girl to be here today.
The minute she enter red the world, Robert totally broke down into tears. It's like I made his world by bringing him a daughter.
Only had two internal 2nd degree tears, giving me a total of 4 stitches.
In the end, I'm very glad with how it went and I would surprisingly do it again, but not any time soon.
I'm sorry it was so long but if a first time mum like me can do it then anyone can. I imagined the worst but it went so well that I couldn't have asked for a better delivery💕 good luck to all future mamma's, it's the best feeling knowing you can have brought an amazing person into the world