my 10 year old made me cry!!!

So my little girl is 10 years old, the school called me today to ask me to come into school for a chat with the head after school ended they didn't say why I thought "oh no what's gone on"...
The policy for the school is if dinner money isn't paid a child can only eat crackers and cheese for their lunch and the staff refuse to feed them anything other... 
the head came to me and told me this.
"Mrs Atkins we are holding our usual weekly award assembly Friday, Jessica will be getting an award for kindness this week however she doesn't know about it yet"
"Ok brilliant what's she done" I asked
"Well obviously u know our lunch policy, the parents of a class mate of Jessica's today are very far behind on their dinner account we had been giving dinners to the child and warning to the parents up until today the child went to the counter and was refused lunch bar the cheese and crackers, Jessica was sat next to her at the dinner table and the little girl was crying and upset as she was hungry so Jessica gave her her dinner and had the cheese and crackers for herself and explained she had a snack at break time anyway"
My 10 year old gave her dinner to a child who was more in need and upset as she hadn't eaten enough in so proud of her she came home and I gave her a snack before her tea just incase she got hungry from not having as much food as normal at lunch but it made me so emotional