Sex and piercings, what's the wait time before your boo can play with them?

Ri • Med student.
Finally went and got my nipple piercings redone 2 days ago but by another piercer at the shop I usually go to. This time no freeze spray was used so my skins not peeling off from the cold burn I just applied my own local anaesthetic gel prior so it was all numbed up when I had them done.
(Naturally) a certain someone can't wait to get his hands on them but how long should we wait? I got this piercing just behind where the scar from the previous one is and used a 16g instead of 14g (smaller diameter of jewellery) it's the size of a lip bar and not the size of a tongue/belly bar like my previous. I'm a bit sore but not in agony like the last one and this one didn't actually hurt as bad as the last one, most of my boob hurts but that's expected and was the same last time.
I waited I think a week or so last time before my ex had his fun with them but he wasn't really a boob guy like that he was more into just grabbing boobs during foreplay whereas P is a full on boob guy he'll do everything with them 😂 he LOVES when I make them jiggle especially if I'm on top and they're in his face; euphoria for him   Lol. He's certainly more hands on than the last he'll get off from just putting his dick between my boobs or rubbing the tip on my nips so I'm totally lost on how long I gotta make him wait before he can do all of that again 😅