My diaper recommendation

Hi guys! Before I had my baby I was always worrying about what diapers to buy. I chose to go with the honest company because they are organic and there are no chemicals. Let me tell you the pros and cons.
The bundle option is amazing. I love being able to order them online and have them delivered to my house. They also deliver wipes and always throw in a full size gift (mostly bath soaps and lotions which I also use and love)
The designs are so cute 
She has never gotten a diaper rash from these at all. 
She doesn't leak through them. She's pooped before and it's leaked but that's bc she moved the diaper by the leg part ☹️😒
The diapers will smell bad bc there are no chemicals to mask the smell. So you can smell when they pee even. But I don't think it's that bad bc when she pees I need to change it anyway.