Warning long rant ifyougetyourfeelingshurteasilydontread


Why does everything have to be politically correct? I mean do people seriously think they are the shit and everything should be made special not to wound their precious little feelings?

I'm not talking about those who have fought for their rights to be treated equal. I understand that.

However I do not understand why people whine and bitch about stupid things like calling fat, fat. I mean there is a difference between fat and actually big boned. Yeah, there are many body types. No doubt, but of all those body types there is a thin and fat versions. I'm fat, and though it might hurt a bit, I understand that clothes won't look the same on me as they do in a model. They don't!

I see it almost every day! Make clothes for real women 😭😭😭 real women have curves😭😭 your clothes are only made to fit a stereotype😭😭😭 You know, showing only beautiful, thin women can cause low self esteem😭😭😭 barbie doesn't look like a real woman(of course it doesn't, IT'S A DOLL) I mean.. Come on! Are the VS models not real women? Yeah, they prolly tweak their bodies a bit(surgery and such) but so do we, yeah maybe not with surgery, but we do our nails and dye our hair. These women have children! On my book, that makes them real. Real women. Yup they are in good shape, but that was their choice. And they work hard for it. Then there is the opposite, too thin. Can't find a bra, not everyone has big boobs😭😭 Not everyone wants big boobs 😭😭😭 or a big butt, or a small butt..

They post shit like this:http://www.revelist.com/body-positive/victorias-secret-2016/6069/at-the-final-store--the-big-fancy-one-on-5th-avenue--we-went-in-search-of-a-bra-that-would-fit-us-both/13 bashing stores because they don't make clothes that can "fit" every woman. Whining because they can't buy a bra there.. Saying that the standards are unrealistic, that real women(a skinny and a fat woman trying on bras) can't fit on the bras... Buahh.. The store didn't measure me right😭😭😭 BTW I have never been measured with my top on at VS, they always measure without. Then bring me about three sizes to try. Anyway, why whine and bash the store? If you can't find a bra there, well then shop elsewhere!!! No one is making you shop there. The product does not have to change for your body. Because even if they make a product your size, you prolly will still find something to bitch about. And even though it is an outfit made specially for you, there is still another woman who will wear it way better than you! Bigger or smaller! I know that thinner women will most likely will look better than me wearing a burlap sack. And fatter women won't fit in the sack. And if they make a bigger sack, it won't look the same! So why be bitter about it? And bitch at the sack maker for not making a sack that fits everyone. If they did that, they would have to measure every single woman in the world to make the sack flattering, and then they will still cry because she looks hot and it isn't fair😭😭😭

Anyhow, the article in my opinion is completely stupid. All women are real women, so stop whimpering about things being unrealistic. Sadly though, this is only one of the issues people whine about every day. It is sad to think that the future will consist of a bunch of big cry babies!