TV guilt with my 1 year old

Crystal • Married 10/12/14. Have an amazing son, born 11/27/15
While I was pregnant, and for almost a full year after, I thought for sure, "no tv till he is 2! None!" Well he is 13 months old now and watches about 1-2 hours of tv a day! This seems like a lot to me. Right before his first snack he gets a little cranky, so we watch some Paw Patrol. Or if he didn't nap well and it's getting close to dinner and he is really tired and he hates all of his toys because he is easily frustrated... tv for a bit. And I feel so crappy about this. I know no one is perfect, but I feel like I'm failing him. We play a lot during the day, fun play, words, letters, walking... but it's flipping cold outside so a lot of outside play isn't in the cards right now so the tv comes on more than I think it should. Am I the only one letting their 1 year old watch some cartoons?