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My daughter is 8 months old. She is EBF and eats some soilids. When she was about 3-4 months old she was great at sleeping she would fight naps occasionally but she would for the most part sleep through the night. About 5-6 hours and wake feed and then sleep another few hours. Then that all stopped around 6 months!! I have heard of a sleep regression and teething cause that to mess with sleep.  (She has cut her two bottom teeth now and they are fully in. I am pretty sure she working on her top two now.) but since 6 months old she WILL NOT SLEEP!! I am not even exaggerating here! She will literally not take any naps EVER!! She wakes every hour on the hour at night. I am so exhausted and dying from sleep deprivation! I am at the end of my patience and can feel myself loosing my mind! I have tried everything to get her to sleep! You name it I have tried it.. cry it out, co-sleeping, a schedule/routine and trying to find her "sleep window" to get her to sleep. She will literally fight sleep like she literally moves her feet, legs, arms and body to fight it and stay awake. She will start to drift off and then lurch her self awake!! My husband and I are just so lost on what to do! I feel like a horrible mother because she won't slee when I ask for advice from other mothers they say stuff like "well mine never did that and they slept through the night like little angels" "we did the cry it out they cried 30 minutes and we never had a problem again." I am just lost and feeling bad about myself!! Please tell me I am not doing anything wrong! And any other tips or advice to help a baby that won't sleep!!