Bell's Palsy while pregnant

Hi everyone! So I'm 23 weeks and 5 days and got diagnosed with Bell's Palsy which apparently is not a pregnancy condition but pregnant women are more likely to get it? It's basically a temporary paralysis to a side of your face. Scary because the symptoms felt a lot like what I have heard for stroke related symptoms. I went to the doctor and he gave me steroids and an antibiotic for it and I'm praying it goes away asap. From what I've read it usually takes a few weeks and in some cases even months. It feels super weird/scary not being able to blink or drink out of a straw or smile correctly. I am wondering has this happened to anyone else? How common is this really? Did you take the steroids even though pregnant?y doctor said it was ok but I'm still a bit worried, And any recommendations in general? Besides the medicine the doctor prescribed I bought a massager for the face to try to "wake" the facial nerves up but honestly this whole thing has be super freaked out but trying to stay positive and definitely thankful it doesn't affect my baby.