Is something wrong with my sister?

She's almost 20 and she's never had a boyfriend, no friends in general. She's also still a virgin which I find strange. No one has ever flirted with her. She wants to become a doctor so she says she doesn't have any time for boys.

She always says, "My career is my goal and I'm putting myself first before any boy or future children. I don't want to have to let any man take care of me. I'm going to take care of myself." Isn't that strange? She can just have children and let her husband take care of the money. She can be a SAHM. Should I sign her up for online dating?

No, I am not a troll. This is a serious post. Most women these days want a family and a lot of them want to be a stay at home mom. I just feel like my sister's chance of ever finding love is ticking away. Not to mention all of these middle school and high school children dating YET my sister has not been on one single date.