Should there be a limit ?

Lets say a father (or mother) leaves their child and does not see him for a long time and has nothing to do with him. A deadbeat. Should there be a limit on the time that hes gone to where when he does decide to come back the courts cant make you let him see the child? My son is 4 and a half. His father left when i was pregnant, didnt have anything to do with my pregnancy or doctors appointments while pregnant or after having him. Whenever he did message me (half the time it was his gf pretending to be him) and i would agree on a time and place for him to visit our son he wouldnt show. So from a personal experience i think there should be a limit and after so long the father (or mother if shes the deadbeat) shouldnt be allowed back in their lives. If you think there should be a limit what is it?

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