need opinions!!

So my husband and I got married 12-16-16. I have a 5yo and he also has a 5yo and a 10yo. He had a vasectomy, but then in November had it reversed so we could try for an'our' child!! AF visited Dec 13-17, our honeymoon was Dec 18-23, af was due Jan 10, she is yet to show, I have had very heavy and sore breasts for a week, I am soooo tired, and I can't eat or drink enough the last two days!! I took a test about5 days out from af, and it was negative.... I had what felt like my normal pre af aches and such yesterday but they were completely non existent today.... I don't want to get my hopes up, or 'waste' another expensive test..... I need a vote..... take a test in the morning or no?!