is this normal?

Ok! So I am going to put this here and I really want honest opinions from women who are married (or in love girlfriends) and are going through the same thing! 
So, speaking of social media! Both me and my husband have Facebook or Instagram etc... What I have noticed (and not recently) is that my husband avoids to like any of my posts! 😐Not 100% of the time but almost! Instead, he likes other people's posts! Women or men! I mean... I take it very personal because it is! And I told him that it bothers me and what he does is that he likes a post of mine in that day (like making it up or something) and then he ignores my posts over and over again! There are so many issues in our marriage and this is one of the things that I hate! 
Please, has anyone gone through something similar? ☹️