What would you do?

So lets say you knew someone mainly your whole life. You know when you got cousins thats not really your cousin by blood. Everyother year we have falling outs because out the blue doesn't think im loyal im fake etc idk.So anywayssss. Im the god mother of her child. The definition of a god mother Exatcly is "A godmother is a female godparent in the Christian tradition; a woman arranged to be a legal guardian in case the parents die before her godchild reaches adulthood or the age of maturity." The baby is lets say around 4 months. Okay so for the new years which was a few days ago i guess being that i didnt come to tell the baby happy new years she doesn't want to talk to me anymore? Ummm is that a valid reason because im very lost. Exactly what did i do wrong? I got the baby things for christmas was there for the baby shower birth of the baby. Basically there all the way. Last time i seen the baby was maybe a week before the new years.

Anyways what would you do? How would you feel? Should i just leave it alone because at the end of the day thats her baby.