Tearing pain after LO

Erica • Mommy of 1 beautiful baby girl
I had minor tearing after having my daughter, but I never had much pain at all. It was completely bearable so I never took any medication for it at all. I was able to sit perfectly fine for the most part, and move, it really didn't feel like I had stitches. 
Anyway, it's been 7 days now, and since yesterday I've been having pain. At first I was worrying about infection, so I gathered the courage and actually grabbed a mirror and looked to see if it was an infection (vagina looks completely 100% normal) and I couldn't find the stitches. So now I'm thinking the stitches may have dissolved? Is it possible that they dissolved and that's the reason why I'm having stinging pain down there? Like maybe it didn't completely heal (obviously, it's only been a week) and now it just stings cause it's open?
When did your stitches dissolve? And did you get pain after a while rather than right after actually getting them?