He's pissed off with me

And he has every right to be.

My mom is insisting that I cut off all contact with him and break up with him for three reasons.

Reason 1: I met him online

Reason 2: I hid him/our relationship from her

Reason 3: He isn't a Christian

Now let me just clarify this. She's the strictest person around. I'm 22. Still live at home and I'm in my last year at college. She needs to know where I am at all times. She will take away clothes that she thinks are too tight. If I finish work at 8 and I'm not home til 9 :15 she'll interrogate me even though we live an hour away and give me hell because I didn't inform her that I was stopping for gas. And what she loves to do as a form of torture is not allow me to hang out with anyone until they come to our church. Whether they are religious or not. So I have no social life because of her. Couple of people in my class wanted to go to the mall. Mom said they have to come to church first. But we all know if someone turned around to her and said your daughter needs to come to our church before she can hang out with our kid type thing my mom would be like no and spin it and be like they aren't worth your time or friendship.

So she's crazy right.

Thus why I didn't introduce her to my boyfriend. Meeting him online isn't really relevant but whatever.

So he isn't a Christian and doesn't want to go to church which is fine in my opinion but my mom is demanding that I break up with him.

And I'm verbalizing what my mom has been saying and he is so pissed (at her). He's like that's like my mom not accepting you because of your skin colour. He's like what if we have a baby, will she be absent in their life? He thinks she's ridiculous and selfish and bitchy.

I don't want to break up with him but I know she will kill me.

I can't afford to move out. What should I do?