self positivity

I usually don't post these types of things or fish for compliments. EVER. But I feel like right now I need you ladies. I am 22 weeks ppd and I feel like I'm doing pretty well as far as getting back to my pregnancy shape.  Being fit is really important to me and however after giving birth I've been having a lot of back pain. I still go to the gym and try my best to get a good workout in but it's not always pretty. I also have to deal with all the dilemas of being a new mom while handling full time school and working a full time job. I barely have time to sleep let alone work out. I think I've done outstanding so far and am proud of my progress but my boyfriend doesn't miss an opportunity to shame me for the way I look. He calls me fat all the time and today he told me I was a shame, fat and disgusting. For the longest I've felt like he wasn't serious but today was really different I could almost taste the disdain in his voice when he said this. We worked out earlier today and I couldn't do all the exercises with the same intensity he was doing. For the past three hours he's been telling me how people like me only like to make excuses, telling me what he thinks the perfect body should be, critizing my diet. I haven't felt so grossed out at my reflection is so long. I don't really even have any full body pictures of me but I'm not big at all. I am 5'6.5 tall, weigh 144lbs and I'm about 25% body fat. Not ideal but definitely not fat cow status.