Might be the end


I'm in a relationship where there aren't any compromises with our beliefs. I'm bisexual and he believes being gay is wrong, yet he's had his own gay experience. He wants to get married and have kids amd raise them the Christian way which is okay, but he wants them to know being gay is wrong. I have family who are gay. It's not a good place because I refuse to have my children look at me and my family as "horrible people". I'm not sure what to do or where to stand..


Today we broke up. We both knew it wouldn't work out. He admitted he wouldn't be able to compromise. I was fine with how he is. It's who he is and I respect that, but I don't want that for myself to where I feel like I'm constantly in the wrong and for him to preach to some of my family that they are going to hell. So I'm okay now. I feel better.