Soooo it's been about 2 months and I think it's time to share my story!
To start off my husband is in the army and at the time he was in the field..away from me. Anyways I was laying in bed and felt a little uncomfortable. Didn't think much of it cause that's how it was my whole pregnancy lol I never knew the difference between Braxton hicks and real contractions, no matter how many times I looked up the difference lol back to my story. I was laying in bed and felt completely off, strong cramps and was breathing hard. Texted my husband and said I felt weird and crampy and he said it's prob nothing. (I was 36 and 6) I ignored it. Then the next morning I went to the bathroom and there was bright red blood soooooo I freaked out and told my husband once again but this time it was hard for me to move. I kept crouching over. Hubby couldn't get me cause he was away in the field and couldn't leave unless it was an emergency. 
My ass took a taxi to lol 
But by now the pain was unbearable. The taxi driver was speeding and scared shitless!! I got the hospital tried my best to explain my pain. (Was asked soo many questions) they ended up checking me and my doctor said "welp I see a bolging bag with some feet" I was like whattt?! She was like "yep your having your baby today, your 7 cm" I knew I had to have a c section. All my plans went out he window :( but at that moment nothing mattered but making sure my baby girl was safe. Anyways i called and texted my husband to come and hurry up because we were having our daughter now! And poor guy had to rush speed through traffic, it was like time was against us. But he made it. They got me ready for my c section and I was scared to death and kept shaking. Hubby held my hand and kept kissing me. I felt tugging and pulling but then my doctor says "oh no" and was like we need to take out your appendix now. I had no idea why or what was happening. But I did hear 3 of his helpers gasp. They called another sergeon to have my appendix removed. My doctor said "Alexis this baby saved your life and hers" my appendix was 👌🏾this close to uprupting. There was no signs no nothing. The doctor said it looked bad. But I'm soooooo thankful that my beautiful baby girl is here and healthy. She had no NICU time neither. All I have to say is that things happen for a reason. Trust in God, believe me he's there and watches out for his Angels 
SN: 7lbs 2oz
19 inches