Complicated birth story. Lilly 💟 8.01.17 👪


Hi everyone! I have decided I will write down my own story sitting still in hospital bed.

So my original due date was 25 jan. Went to hospital at 36+4 days and was told I would be inducted at 38 weeks and my baby didn't moved in past two weeks a lot and they thought that is too low down there.

So I got my membrane sweep the same day as they informed me about induction.

So when days were passing I started feeling weird, like off and just wanted stay in bed and had brown discharge since membranes sweep... on sunday night exactly 37+1 I got up to toilet as soon as I stood up, my water broke... ok called my maternity unit and they told me to pack my stuff and come in. Then, I couldn't feel any contractions at all.

It was around 2.30 am when I was at hospital bed.

Then it started... my blood pressure went to 176/120

It carried on for around 7 times of checking every half and hour, by then I felt hot, very hot.. I was boiling... after hour I have found out I developed an infection as well... on the top of that my contractions came and found out also I was very swollen as well..

I was waiting for my epidural for ages after awhile was working but only for belly I could feel every contractions with my back and bum. So I've been only 2CM they have put hormon in me to keep things going as since I got to hospital been 7 hours and I just remember hospital stuff asking if I want any breakfast. At 10AM in the morning they checked me again and I was...wait for it.... 3CM and in so so much pain. They decided wait longer till 2PM and see how I progress in meanwhile they tried to sort out my fever, infection and blood pressure which was torture as they have put like 100000X needles! At 16.34 PM team got in my room and said that still no progress and we can have my little one in the distress... so c section needed.

I agreed, had enough and my baby was stuck so had to help her straight away.. had maximum doze of epidural, so didnt feel anything during c section other than dizziness and stress.. there she was born after long hours pretty much two days of agony.. Lilly 💖


Exactly 7 pounds of happiness.

Recovery is ok, just enjoying time with my little one 💖💖💖💖💖