5 weeks

Happy mommy of 1

Hiii ladies,

I am 5 weeks pregnant and I have tender breasts and nipples, cramps, soooo tired, low back pain and 50 times a day to the toilet .. although all this is more than normal I feel so anxious now and than..

The first appointment with my doctor is 2 January so I still need to wait 2 weeks more πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

Today is one of those days..

If you read on the Internet they always say like "congrats with your pregnancy" followed by "in the first 3 months your chance to get a miscarriage is much higher"

Although this little one is maybe the size of an apple seed, I really love it already.

Sometimes I think that if I would start to see a small baby bump that I would feel more comfortable because than I see the baby is really there.

How do you ladies deal with anxiety ?

Thanks 😘😘