Supervisor and drugs

So my husband just started a new job a couple weeks ago, and seems to enjoy all but one part. There's the supervisor who is training him and he's on drugs. All of the men under the supervisor, we'll call him Joe, know he's on drugs.

Usually the mornings aren't too bad but when Joe goes to lunch he gets high (IDK what drugs) and is very rude when he gets back. He's wired and rushing everyone and since my husband is still learning he talks down to my husband, along with some of the other guys. The other night, he made them stay until after 8. They go in at 7, and get off at 5 normally. There wasn't extra work or anything, he was just wired and didn't want to stop.

I told my husband to go to the boss, who is over Joe. But he doesn't think that wil do any good, and he doesn't want to cause any trouble since he's new. They were not drug tested before working there. But, Joe is discussing it with another employee about where he gets it, etc. And everyday gets worse and worse, for all employees.

It's a small shop that builds cargo trailers. What would be some options or are there any in this case??

(And my husband is looking for another job if that's your answer.)