Can it still happen??

I recently had an ultrasound done at my gyno's request just to make sure everything was okay​. I'm 26 and have a family history of ovarian cysts and uterine​ fibroids. Today I was able to view the results and it appears I have a resolving cyst that no one told me about. This has me worried about my chances of being able to conceive. I have recently made up my mind that I wanted kids and am excited to join everyone on the journey. So my question is simple...

Has any of you lovely ladies had to deal with cysts and still been able to have a healthy pregnancy?

Now before you think it is too personal; a simple yes or no will work. I won't push for more details. I am just curious if there is still a chance.

*Note: If this is posted in the wrong spot please forgive me. I am still new to the community portion of glow and ask that if possible it be moved to the proper place by an admin or moderator.