Ttc after laparoscopy question??

So my husband and I had been ttc for 18 months when we decided to see help for fertility. (We are 24 years old) they ran a bunch of tests and bloodwork and had me get an ultrasound. When they did the ultrasound, they found a mass that was bigger than a grapefruit. They thought I possibly had cancer because the blood tests they used for that came back abnormal. The tests were not 100% obviously because when I had my lap and they biopsied it, it was benign!!! THANK THE LORD. I did lose one ovary and the same side tube, but it is confirmed by blood tests that I ovulate every month. My laparoscopy was back in August 2016. This month is going to be my 3rd month on clomid. My husband and I have now been ttc for a little over 2 years and I guess my question is, did we pretty much "start over" with our ttc time? I know it takes a healthy couple up to a year sometimes.. and we are healthy now according to my doctor. So it has been 5 months since my surgery. Does that mean I have technically tried for 5 months and to disregard the other time since I am almost 99% certain that if I didn't have the surgery that I wouldn't ever be able to get pregnant??? I am just worried that I will never be pregnant. Anyone ever been in my shoes or have any advice or opinions on this? TIA ❤