Anyone else experiencing this?

Hi, as of today I'm 3 days late for AF. My average cycle is 27 days 5 days of flow. This month has been totally different. So according to glow and another period and fertility app I have I ovulated on Jan 4. I had sex two days before on ovulation day and a day after. 2-4 days later I noticed some small light pink discharge when I wiped not in large amounts either. I thought nothing of it googled they said ovulation spotting so I brushed it off. So here I am 16 dpo and I have no flow on cycle day 28 I had some red bleeding only on the tissue when I wiped not a enough to stain my undies. I thought AF was coming so I checked my cervix it's normally dry discharge, low and firm when AF is arriving. Well It's actually high soft to medium in texture, not to mention this watery clear odorless discharge I keep having. My vaginal walls feels swollen and mushy. I did a hpt it was negative. How much longer should I wait to retest if AF doesn't show her ugly face ? I'm on cycle day 30 my longest cycle as been 29 days that was almost a year ago. My menstural is pretty on time all the time maybe a day later or a day before but not 3 .