Dont give up!!

Ladies!! We are almost there. February's not that far away. Then its just a matter of time. Im due on thw 16th of February. I know it seems like forever and i am one that wants it to all be over with but in the end we will have forgotten all these symotoms were feeling and we will miss them being in our tummys. I know it seems like forever trust me. But if we take it one day at a time and get prepared for everything. Cause once their here you cant put them back in LOL just think of everyone thats having their babies now dont be jealous. You want your babies to stay in there as long as they can until their fully done baking. I was born at 26 weeks and im now 36 weeks with my son. My mom tells me each week that goes by, i just gotta make it another week. And she is right. With her telling me that every week it makes things easier and not seem like its taking as long.