help please, it's 1 am and idk what to do

Ali • Wife and mom to my favorite boys😌❤️ Pregnant with #2❤
I'm 16 weeks pregnant today and it's 1am and i'm cramping really bad, these are some of the more painful cramps i've felt throughout my pregnancy so far. It feels like someone is stabbing me, it's even worse every breath i take and every time i cough.. it also hurts in the middle to left side of my chest every breath i take, more so with deep breaths and i'm freaking out. I woke my mom up and asked her and she just told me I'd be fine and to go back to bed. These cramps have kept me up so far tonight and i'm worried. I can't really go to the hospital bc my mom would be mad and i don't know what to do. I can't exactly call the doctor or anything bc it's 1 am. Normally the cramps wouldn't worry me too much but it's the cramps added onto my chest hurting and painful breathing. What do i do? Do i try to wake my mom up and get more out of her or do i just forget about it and go to sleep? I can't really sleep tho, i've dealt with insomnia since i was a child and being pregnant doesn't help. I'm freaking out 😩😩