psychic has me a little paranoid!

Hey guys! Crazy story here😂 so I'm 31 weeks + 2 days today, my midwife says my due date is march 22nd (but they haven't started measuring my belly or anything yet). From the beginning I thought this was absurd and incorrect because they told me I conceived in July but I never had a period in June! They reassured me that ultrasounds are never that far off and that I'm basically crazy. So I shut up and have trusted them and just been quietly living with this strange feeling that my baby is going to come early. 
Well today my mom had a psychic reading done. I'm not sure how many of you believe in this and stuff, I never did until I had a reading and the lady was spot on about stuff I never even mentioned. To be honest, they creep me out a little. But anyway, this psychic said my deceased grandpa came through and told her my baby is coming in February and to get my nursery done and start working on everything right NOW. I know this is a total long shot and I probably sound like a crazy person, but does anyone think it's actually possible that I was right about my due date to begin with? 
I'm petite so maybe I just have a small baby in there? I've been super uncomfortable in my sides and abdomen and stuff like I've been way out of room for a while now and I didn't think that was normal at 31 weeks but I'm not a doctor and again I'm small so that could be why.
Idk guess I could be crazy😂 
Leave your opinions please 😊