How did you and your S/O meet?

My boyfriend and I met about 2 years and a half ago. We've been together for two years. I had started going to church again after like 5 years. I had never payed attention to him before I heard his name and knew he played the drums but never payed attention to him. One day he sends me a friend request on fb and just starts talking to me and getting to know me and I'm just trying to dodge him and cut our convos short but for some reason when I finally opened up to him ( it was mainly to scare him away) I was surprised at how easily I seemed to open up to him and little by little I fell completely over heels for him. And our mutual friends helped with getting us together lol * I actually remember he used to ask me out and once asked me to go out for ice cream and I said I don't like ice cream so he's like how about froyo and I said yeah I don't like froyo either lol