first birthday party

What are you guys doing for your babies first birthday? My family keeps saying we have to have a party but that will just stir up drama because my husbands family wouldn't be invited and my family is incapable of keeping their mouth shut and will ask where my husbands mom is, which will hurt him. 
I want to just stay home that day, get a small cake and celebrate ourselves. However my husband says all babies need a birthday party and it will be "taking something away from her" if we dont. 
I also dont want to overwhelm our daughter with a party full of people she barely knows. (We live far away from family so they arent around much) 
To put it nicely, his moms not invited because shes a bitch. 🙄 She has threatened me, told me she hopes i lost our baby when i was pregnant, told his entire family i cheated, im a whore, bitch, controlling, etc. she calls my husband and always says "I love you Aria" "i hope you and aria are okay" never includes me, all that good stuff. But my husband loves her so of course it will hurt him having to deal with her not being there and everyone asking.