the struggle with pcos

With no signs or symptoms, ovulation tests do not work because most women (I'm one) always have elevated lh with pcos  which causes the tests to be positive everyday. So if ovulation even occurs, how am I supposed to know? My cycles are out of wack which I'm on medication for so I don't think I can go by just counting cycle days. I know the dr does a blood test to know for sure if you ovulated or not but by then it's too late. It would be nice to know when I ovulate (if I do) I'm currently on 2000 mg metformin a day. I take provera to start my af and my dr is trying letrozole 5 mg to induce ovulation....I just have no clue on how to see when it happens.
Anyone else going through this?
Any ideas on what I could do? 
Needing opinions and info please 
Thanks in advance!