Ummm.... maybe pregnant AGAIN?!?

Alyssa • Hairdresser. Mom. Wife. Seattle is home.
Just left my 6 week pp appointment. Dr asked me if I'd had sex since giving birth 6 weeks ago. Silly hubby couldn't wait so we had sex 2 weeks ago. We used a condom and pulled out. So the Dr said she needed to do a test before she put my IUD in. The urine test came back "borderline". So it could go either way. They did a blood test so we should know for sure later today. Holy shit I'd be so mad if it comes back possitive!!!! Are u kidding me!?!? Loll we were thinking about having another one, just not 6 freaking weeks after we had Francesca!!!! Anyone else have "borderline" results?? Pregnancy 6 weeks after baby was born??