I can't decide if my bf is cheating on me!!

Me and my bf are about 2 years together, it's like he never put any effort ! On my birthday I stayed at my parents house alone all day and he didn't do anything to make me feel special or happy because he claims that he doesn't have money but now (a month later) he found a work for some days in order to go to Hardwell's party !! Like I'm so pissed of !! We see each other once in a month for one hour (to have sex in the car), whenever I ask him to go eat something together or go to the cinema or even to the beach or to have a walk or maybe a coffee he always says no because he claims that he is not a public person!! In those two years me and my bf had a real good conversation only for 4 times (in the car either) !! He doesnt even call me !! We only text !! Well and when I go on his instagram I see the he "liked" a lot of girls pictures and he had some girls that when you press on "search" you see them on the favorite list (which means he searched for them more than 3 times). When I logged in Facebook I saw the same girls on the favorites and all those girls had sex with my bf before we started dating!! 
I don't know if should have trust issues or not !!