RANT. it won't be TO long 😂 why is it that when a guy fucks 15 girls nobody says anything. but when a girl fucks 15 guys she's a "whore" "slut" "hoe" "homie hopper". Why is it that a girl "can't do" work that a guy can do because it's man work. Why can guys go brag about "bangin this one chick" but if a girl brags about going out to a party and getting laid it's frowned upon. Why does a girl have to have every piece of hair shaved "down there" or she's dirty but a guy can pull out his dick not even shaved since last month. I'm so tired of us women being judged and talked about like we have to be perfect 24/7 but as soon as we don't shower or put on make up for a day were "ugly" or "lazy"