Low sperm count

Stephanie β€’ TTC for 2 years .. my precious rainbow baby arrived 29.01.19πŸ’œπŸ’œ
Hi guys.. i would really like as much as advice and information as possible as I'm feelinf rather low and lost at the moment. I am 24 and my partner is 28, we have been trying for baby number 1 for a long time now and had some tests done. I had my blood and internal/external scan- all came back normal. My partner however has just found out that he had a low sperm count of a quarter of what it should be however motility and morphology are fine. The go had referred to a fertility clinic. Is there still a chance we can concieve naturally? How long does it normally take to get an appointment? And if anyone is in a simular situation what was the treatment options? Thanks in advance xxx