Alwaysss mad?

Me and my boyfriend usually talk throughout the whole entire day but there are some days where he gets busy and we don't talk as much and I don't know why but that always pisses me off so much and I always get upset even though I dont want to be, like I understand that has days and he's busy with school and work but I just hate it when we don't talk as much because I feel like he's mad at me or something is going wrong in our relationship and that's kind of what's going on right now and I want to be mad because I don't want to be fighting with him cuz it's been happening too often lately and I really just don't know what to do like I really don't want to be mad but I can't help but have these thoughts that he's too busy for me, he's bored of me etc. Please help because if this leads into a fight, he's going to drop me and I really don't want that 😭