My puppy while we were... 😳

Ali • 25 years young. Pursuing a degree in Elementary Education 🍎📚🖍
So my babe and I were going at it. I was in reverse cowgirl position so I could basically see the whole room. Well my puppy comes in and she's literally playing under the bed, I don't hear her so I keep going. My SO has no idea the whole time because he's focused on other things obviously, well I see my puppy Josey run out from behind the night stand and she gets caught on the cord to the lamp and just stops. I want to start cracking up so bad but my SO doesn't even realize it. It was soooo awkward. I made eye contact with my puppy and had to tell him let's switch it up, because I couldn't stare at my puppy tangled in the cords while riding his dick.. so we did. He finishes and didn't realize what happened the whole time. She sat there so sweet and quiet until we finished. 😂😂😂 This is a picture of her... omg 
Because it was unclear to some the lights were off, I didn't know she was tangled until after we turned the lights on. I heard the lamp fall over and saw her just staring at me but it was too dark to see the lamp around her, I could only see her eyes staring at me. I could only hear her and kind of see her come in the room, that's how I knew she was there. I thought she stopped and sat there because she thought she was in trouble for knocking the lamp over!!