bad dream

I've been wanting this baby to come out so bad . 
I dreamt that I delivered the baby at home. Like I forced him out. I wrapped him put on normal clothes again and was saying " omg finally I feel so much better" while standing in a mirror. Almost as if I was never pregnant. Then I picked him up and decided ok let me call my midwife and tell her I had the baby at home. What should I do. I'm in the phone with the nurse and she asked me "you had the baby without being on antibiotics?" I said yes. She freaks out and tells me rush to the hospital. I went to unwrap my son to make sure he was fine. I noticed his head seemed big and his body was small. When I unwrapped him his legs wasn't fully developed. His legs looked like mermaid legs. I woke crying cause I felt so horrible wanting him to come out before his due date. I'm 38 weeks and I'm sure he is developed just fine. But I think I will just shut up and let him arrive on his time. Scared me. I don't want to be selfish anymore.